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Who We Are

We Are Professional Architecture, Design, & Project Management Firm

PDMi partners with our clients on their new building project or renovation by establishing the appropriate design criteria, laying out he space requirements, engineering the various systems, and managing the project throughout its duration. We operate under an Open Book Principle meaning the client has open access to all communication, design criteria, and management reports. This approach enables our clients to engage in all aspects of the project delivery, helping them obtain maximum value on their project. 

What We Do

We Manage The Risk Inherent In The Design-Build Process

We have developed a lean process that is more efficient and less fragmented than the traditional building delivery method. Our process starts with upfront planning and scope development, then moves into detailed design, and lastly proceeds to the implementation of the plan. As a result of the this process, clients can expect predictable cost, reliable project schedules, and controlled scopes. 


How We Do It

We Believe In The Partnership Of The Owner, Architect, & Contractor

We know how essential it is to leverage every dollar you invest in order to see a return in this business market. This is achieved through the team effort of the owner, Architect, and Contractor analyzing the project's needs and measuring those needs against viable solutions of space utilization, building systems, and code regulations.

Your Benefit

Our Team Looks Out For You

PDMi delivers a project you value, where decisions are made early in the process resulting in greater control over cost and schedule. We believe in the philosophy "Form Follows Function," meaning good aesthetic is derived from the basis of a well-functioning space. The client's operational needs, aesthetics, and layout are integrated into a whole and not treated as separate parts. The result is a balanced and practical space that will function for decades to come. 

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