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It’s All In The Plan

Here at PDMi, we have seen projects designed and built with all the delivery methods used (Design-Bid-Build, Construction Management, & Design Build) and every variation of contractual agreements used (Lump Sum, Cost plus a Fee, & Guaranteed Maximum Price). One thing that has been constant over the years is the fact that all projects go through three phases: PLANNING - DESIGNING - IMPLEMENTING. At PDMi, we work with our clients on all three of the phases of the project. Over the next several eBits we want to look at these three phases, starting today with PLANNING.

We believe that Planning is the most important of the three project phases because it establishes a foundation for the other two phases to rest upon. We have seen some companies think that calling a contractor and getting a price for a project is "planning". Others spend lots of time and a bunch of money developing scopes and schematic drawings that they call their "plan". We understand that planning does not have to take a lot of time or money and it is certainly more than establishing a budget cost. We believe that PLANNING should include three basic things:

  • Establish what you value using the Scope x Quality = Budget formula.

  • Provide complete understanding of the Constraints (Site Conditions, Utilities, Building Codes, Regulatory Agency requirements, etc.) that will affect the project.

  • The use of visual tools like 3-D Modeling to communicate the project's character and dimension.

We love to Plan. We know how to Plan. We would like to put our “three-basic-step” planning process to work on your next project. Call me; your next project can be a success when you PLAN.


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