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Practical Solutions

I was recently standing inside a gymnasium at one of our local schools. I looked up and saw a pair of doors about 12 feet above the floor. This is not uncommon when maximizing tall space, such as a second story room above the locker rooms and concession stand area adjacent to a gymnasium with very tall ceilings. The part that made me take a second look was the “unique” cutout at the top of the door. As you can see in the picture, someone decided to install a hoist inside the gym and figured it would be easy to simply cut a large hole in the existing door to run the wiring and hoist beam through. It is a very practical solution, even if it is not very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Here at PDMi, we work on all kinds of projects from large distribution facilities, to office buildings to interior renovation projects (and everything in between). Those of us in the architectural design world like to keep things aesthetically pleasing to the eye when many times the most practical solution is right in front of you. In this particular instance, the most practical and cost effective solution was to use the area that already had a big hole in the masonry wall to run the power and hoist beam to the new unit that was being installed years after the construction of the building was complete.

Although I wouldn’t always suggest this particular detail, it certainly gets the job done and was likely the most practical, and cost effective, solution for this specific application. PDMi can help you come up with a practical solution on your next renovation project. Give us a call, we’d love to help.


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