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Project Timing

We received a call from a client in June of 2020. As you may recall, our world had a few unknowns going on at that time. This specific client happens to own a large warehouse and he had a request from one of his existing tenants (a large national brand) to add on to the existing facility to accommodate additional product storage. The additional product storage was needed due to it being a very “hot commodity” at that time. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work on preliminary layouts and design, working alongside the warehouse owner and his tenant on what exactly they needed. It took a few months of planning to arrive at a solution that the tenant was happy with and would meet their needs.

Once the planning was complete and the tenant was happy, PDMi was ready to start design documents so that we could get competitive bids from the sub-contractors in order to break ground before it got too late in the fall. This is when the project slowed quite a bit. As I mentioned above, the tenant was a large national brand and there were many “layers” of approvals needed, above that of the local warehouse manager, in order to move the project forward. Needless to say, our window for breaking ground before winter was missed and the project never got started until late in the spring of 2021. Due to the setback, the project is now finally just WEEKS away from completion, but the product that the tenant so badly needed space to store is no longer such a “hot commodity”. It is still in demand, but not the way it was in 2020.

At PDMi, we often talk about planning, designing and implementing a project, all done in that sequence. The moral of the story is that there can always be outside factors that slow the process, even when you make your best effort to follow it precisely. Back in June of 2020, we did not anticipate a completion date of May 2022, but here we are ready to deliver a great product despite the schedule delays. The tenant will still get great use out of the new space, despite it being later than the local warehouse manager might have hoped.

If you’ve got an upcoming project that needs planned, designed or implemented, give us a call – we’d love to be part of your team.


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