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"Rules" of Construction

I had the opportunity to spend a few days in south Florida last week. It was great to get away from the cold temps here in northern Indiana and spend some time in the warmth. Next door to the condo that we stayed in was a new beachfront development. I couldn’t help but notice the construction of the new building and how much it was different (yet similar) to many of the buildings that we build here locally. It was mainly constructed of poured in place concrete, with masonry block walls and large concrete piers for the foundation. Much of this is due to the frequency of hurricanes that arise in the Gulf of Mexico along with Florida’s soft sandy soil.

Building codes are quite unique in south Florida and that is a necessity when it comes to life safety. Each area of the country has different “rules” for how you can and should construct a building. For instance, south Florida, northern Indiana and California (don’t forget earthquakes out there) will each have specific buildings codes distinctive to that area. As we know, weather differs all across the country, so to do the building codes and local ordinances.

We at PDMi have extensive building code knowledge not only locally, but across the Unites States. It is amazing how different, yet similar, buildings can be across the country. If we can be of help on your next project, regardless of the location, give us a call.


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