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Small Changes, Big Results

We have a client that we’ve done many projects with over the years. They develop and build rental duplex apartments. Normally they stick to a uniform traditional design (nothing like the ultra-modern picture that I chose here!), both with regard to floor plans and the exterior “look” of the duplexes. It has been a successful model for them over the years as these buildings are meant to be money making investments. The investment is sound and they keep them rented on a monthly basis, which is the name of the game.


We recently started working with this client on a new investment project in southern Indiana. The premise is the same as always - duplex investment rental apartments. However, the old way of building the same thing has gotten a bit stale, so they have asked us to change a few things this time. They did not have any specific ideas related to the changes, they just knew they wanted a fresh look on both the exterior façade as well as some interior layouts. 


PDMi took on the challenge and we came up with multiple different exterior designs that would give a more updated look while still being cost effective. We also looked at the interior layouts and changed little things to help the flow inside each apartment. In the end, the results of a few minor changes such as mixing up exterior colors, slight changes to roof lines, added façade details and alternative kitchen layouts will give this set of new duplex apartments its own identity.   


This is a prime example of a few small tweaks that can make a big difference. These changes will make the new duplex apartments more desirable to potential tenants and thus more successful in the long run.  Give us a call so that we can help make your next project more successful in the long run as well.


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