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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

As many of you know, Dan Gagen retired earlier this year, well deserved I might add! With that came a void left by Dan on many fronts, but most specifically is the building code analysis that we perform on nearly all of our projects. Dan had an extraordinary knowledge of building codes and a love for studying and interpreting them. The team at PDMi continues to have the ability to interpret building codes, but not to the extent to which Dan possessed that skill. We now find ourselves in a spot where we need help on some of the more in depth and intricate code studies. There are high level code consultants in the industry and we plan to team up with them to continue to provide high level building code analysis to our clients. As the famous saying goes “teamwork makes the dream work”.


The teamwork aspect of getting projects planned, designed and implemented got me thinking about sports (to be honest I probably think about sports too much, but that’s just me). I am the assistant coach on my daughter’s youth softball team. On any given day, it’s quite obvious from the beginning of any game as to whether the team is going to have a successful game or not – it all depends on how well they work together as a team. There are 9 girls on the field, each relying on one another to be sure that outs are being recorded on defense and that runs are being scored on offense. When each girl buys into the “teamwork makes the dream work” motto, great things tend to happen!


Here at PDMi, teamwork is very important to us. Whether it’s teaming up with outside consultants that provide high levels of expertise or simply the people here in our office working together on a daily basis, teamwork always leads to a successful outcome. If teamwork sounds like a good solution to you, give us a call as we’d love to deploy the entire team to help you achieve success on your next project.


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