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The Beauty of Teamwork

As many of you know, I am a huge Purdue fan and this past weekend saw my favorite team win its 25th regular season Big Ten Championship. I know that Purdue’s past struggles in the the Big Ten Tournamant and the NCAA Tournamant are well documented, but I’ll worry about that in the coming weeks of March as this team navigates its way through both tournaments. Watching Purdue play basketball this season made me think a lot about teamwork. These guys lost several key members from last years team and added several new faces this year. They came together and ended up having a very successful season.

Teamwork on the basketball court is very similar to teamwork within a buiding project. You have multiple members of the team (the client/owner, the designers and the contractors). All members have to come together and support one another, otherwise you will end up with a subpar project in the end. Much like a basketball team working its way through a 35 game season, building projects can be a bit of a marathon themselves. Up front planning (much like the basketball preseason) is essential to a successful project. If you skip the planning process, you will likely find yourself behind throughout the entire project.

If we can be of help, give us a call so we can team up with you on your next building project.


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