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The Building Process

We often have clients that are “new” to the building process. Similar to the picture, the building process can be confusing and overwhelming. We have helped countless clients work through the confusion that is the building process.

I had a potential client call me a few weeks ago. She had purchased an older building and wanted to convert it to a coffee shop. She has a good business plan and an even better vison of what her coffee shop will look like when it opens for business. The problem is, she has never gone through a building process before. We met with her and talked through all of the constraints of the local agencies, the State of Indiana building codes and the importance of hiring the right contractors to get the work done on time and on budget. As you could imagine, she had lots of questions.

PDMi has done countless building projects through the years. We work on everything from small existing renovation projects, to new office/retail buildings all the way up to large warehousing and manufacturing projects. This vast range of projects has given us the knowledge and experience to walk clients through the building process, step by step. It all starts with solid up front planning and moves from there into detailed design. Once those items are complete, the client has the tools to engage with qualified contractors that will help finish the project and allow the client to execute the vison they have for the project.

The building process can be daunting, but PDMi has the knowledge and expertise to work with our clients to get them to the finish line. Give us a call, we’d love to take the journey with you.


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