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Timing is Critical

We are currently working with a repeat client located in the Detroit area. This client specializes in manufacturing of metal products and galvanizing. They have been a great client for many years and are very in tune with their products and their process. We met with the V.P. of Operations earlier this week to look at a building addition to house a new galvanization process line. They know that they need to relocate the existing line into the new addition, but since timing is critical, they cannot afford to have the existing process line out of order for long. This is a very “normal” problem that we come across often in the manufacturing world. The real money maker for every manufacturing plant is the process and the product. The building that houses that process is secondary.


This instance created a unique problem. The location of the building addition is adjacent to two different roof slopes of the building and thus created a challenge for us regarding adding onto the building. The client needs a certain clear height inside the addition for a few tanks, so we could not simply add onto the building below the existing roof line. However, if we added a taller building, it would create additional roof load on the existing roof(s). Our solution was to add a small pit inside the addition that the tall tanks would sit down in, therefore allowing the remainder of the new building addition to be lower than the existing building without adding load to any of the existing structure. By coming up with this rather simple solution, we can now construct the new addition while the existing process line stays operational and they can then limit the down time needed to move the existing process line to the new addition once it is constructed.  


If Timing is Critical on your next project, give us a call as we’d love to help you find a solution.


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