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Who is PDMi?

The title of this e-bits, “Who is PDMi?”, might sound like a question (or is it an answer?) on the popular TV quiz show “Jeopardy!” Recently, my 11 year old son has gotten very interested in watching Jeopardy! We spend many evenings watching the contestants battle it out for who possesses the most random knowledge on a variety of subjects.

This made me realize that there might be people out there that wonder “Who is PDMi?” PDMi is a full service design and project management firm. We do everything from the upfront planning through detailed design, to management of the construction project. We don’t always do each of these things on every project, but we certainly have the abilities to do all of them.

At PDMi, we work on small renovation projects all the way up to large new buildings and manufacturing additions. We not only work locally here in northern Indiana, but we are also licensed to practice in many States across the U.S. We routinely work in the industrial and commercial marketplace where we serve our clients that are looking to do projects of all shapes and sizes. It is not uncommon for us to be working on a small tenant buildout at a retail center, designing a new high end fine dining restaurant while producing construction documents for a 250,000+ sq. ft. cold storage warehouse somewhere 1,000’s of miles from here all at the same time. PDMi has the expertise to handle this array of projects and get them designed and delivered in a timely manner with the highest level of detail and professionalism for our clients.

So, the next time you are watching that popular quiz show on TV and the answer comes up as “A highly professional design and management firm with excellent client service and a high level of detail that can deliver your commercial or industrial project on time and on budget”, you can confidently respond with the question, “Who is PDMi?”. The late Alex Trebek would be proud of you for getting that one correct.

The collective “Who” that makes up PDMi would love to help you with your next project.


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