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First United Methodist Church

Wabash, IN

Various projects including: Master planning, existing chapel renovation, existing sanctuary renovations, and site improvement projects.

Interior renovation of existing worship chapel:

  • Finishes repair & modifications to the current Chapel portion of this existing historic church building.

  • Repair & repainting of plaster walls, repair of existing stained glass windows, stripping & refinishing of existing wood work, replacing of floor carpeting, installation of a new embossed tin ceiling panel system, and installation of new lighting, electrical, and HVAC system.

Renovation of Basement and Sanctuary areas:

  • Reconfiguration of sanctuary entry area.

  • Renovation and reconfiguration of original center balcony, including extensive structural support modification.

  • New organ antiphonal pipe & equipment closet on the center balcony.

  • New audio/visual booth along north wall on main Sanctuary level.

  • New general and performance Sanctuary lighting system, audio & video systems, and assistive listening system.

  • Modifications to existing HVAC system.

  • Repair/cleaning of existing finishes and stained glass windows in existing ceiling dome and walls.

  • Reconfiguration of existing pew layout on sanctuary floor for improved accessibility.

  • Reconfiguration of existing pew layout and riser platforms at existing side balconies for improved comfort and viewing angle.

Daycare/Classroom area renovation:

  • Modifications of existing stairs for access control and ADA compliance.

  • New, self-supporting, canopy at daycare entrance.

  • Reconfiguration and expansion of existing classrooms for multi-purpose gathering space.

  • New restrooms accessible from within classrooms.

  • Daycare office area.

  • Modifications to existing HVAC system.

  • Renovation of existing kitchen.

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