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Design Development Process

We got a call last week from a client that we have done several projects with in the past. They are a faith based ministry that helps people through the recovery process of drug abuse. They are a great organization that provides a need in our community. They were looking to purchase an existing medical building in northeast Indiana and convert it into a group living home. Of course, this can come with many challenges. They had worked with another Architecture firm to do preliminary layouts and those layouts brought to light code compliance issues along with flow and circulation constraints throughout the space.

When the client called us, they were in need of a fresh look at the layout, flow and code compliance issues. We were able to sit down with them and come up with an efficient, common sense solution that would be tailored to their specific needs. Here at PDMi, we believe that good upfront design development is the cornerstone to a successful project. A little extra time spent on the front end of a project can save a lot of time on the back end of a project.

If we can be of help to you in the upfront design development phase of your next project, give us a call as we’d love to help you out.


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