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It’s All In The Collaboration

In our last several eBits we have shared with you that the keys to a project’s success are built around PLANNING - DESIGNING - IMPLEMENTING. Our whole staff believes that to be true. We also know that you can do all the planning and produce all the documents you want, but until you IMPLEMENT them, in a collaborative environment, the project is still a dream. We have multiple tools to accomplish this, but they will only work when all the stakeholders are working together.

We recently completed a large facility expansion project with a regional firm. They chose Construction Management as the delivery method for IMPLEMENTING their project. They saw construction management as a way to bring the Owner, Designer, and Trade Contractor/Vendor into a collaborative environment. We told them that the delivery method certainly is important, but the essential factors in a well IMPLEMENTED project are…

  • Communication - Who is doing what and when? Without continually answering that question, all the stakeholders will be pursuing their own agenda.

  • Organization - What is posted and who can access it? When the stakeholder does not know what documents are available or where to find them they will tend to rely only on the information they have.

  • Accountability - Doing what you say you will do when you say you will do it. Having each stakeholder participate in the published work plan and schedule keeps the team accountable to each other.

The expansion project was a success because the team of Owner, Engineers/Architects and Trade Contractors communicated through an organized process, holding each other accountable.

If PDMi can help you IMPLEMENT your next project, give us a call.


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