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X-Ray Vision

In the world of comic book characters, seeing through walls and above ceilings can be common place. But in Realville, engineers and architects can only dream about having the super power of “X-Ray Vision”.

We do a lot of renovation projects and I have learned over the years there is one thing that is a constant, you never know what you may find behind that piece of drywall. Many times we are called out to a jobsite to inspect the existing conditions of a wall or a header beam after the drywall has been removed. It is always the hope of the client that there are no major surprises once destructive testing is complete. Sometimes we get lucky and sometimes we do don’t.

Here are a few tips to manage those existing details that cannot be seen…

  • Produce As-Built documents – At the end of your next project, be sure to have As-Built documents produced. It will give a great starting point for future renovation projects.

  • Have a contingency account – The project budget for every renovation project should always have a contingency account to cover the cost of unseen conditions. Be clear about who manages the account and who has the authority to spend it.

  • Execute Fair & Solid Contracts – Understand all contracts between an Owner and a Contractor are about Risk and Reward. Be strategic about who holds the risk (the owner or the contractor) because where the risk is, the contingency money will be.

We may not have X-Ray vision, but we can help you through your renovation project. Give us a call; we would love to talk about how to make your next project a success.


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